Thanks for checking out The Coach Mindset ONLINE, our Elite Life Coach Training and Certification. We’ve been certifying coaches for years now, and over the years we’ve been working tirelessly to continue to develop the most effective coaching training possible – and fusing it with effective business building strategies.

And now, we have the ability to offer this training through a cutting edge online learning platform – delivered direct to your computer, from anywhere you have internet access and at any time of the day or week.

From our intuitive, versatile and easily applied coaching concepts like The Scientific Coaching Method to the Elite Life Coaching tools that we’ve spent years developing, we give you what you need to help you to coach effectively or take your current coaching practice to the next level. Then we go even deeper and pick up where other certifications fail. We add the core business building principles we’ve learned after coaching scores of individuals – and making a good living doing it.

We hope our goal is obvious!  We want to help you learn how to coach AND  give you the business strategy you need to ensure that you can use your coaching gifts to earn the income you want to earn to live the life you were meant to live.

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Here’s a Module-by-Module description of exactly what you get as a Coach Mindset ONLINE member


Quickstart: The Silver Bullet &
“Finding your Avatar”

Now, there really is no such thing as a “Silver Bullet”, and I’d be wary of anyone who told you that there was. But understanding your ideal client – or what we call “your avatar” is the first and most crucial step in developing your new (or bolstering your existing) life and business coaching practice. In the Quick Start module we will:

  • Help you to develop a laser focus on the kinds of clients you want and it will enable you to connect with them at new levels
  • Ensure a better return on investment of your precious marketing dollars (and time) because you will have a better idea of where to start and how to reach them!
  • Allow you to key in on who your ideal client (your avatar) is and where they are – so you can reach them time and again with your marketing messages
  • Push you to develop a written action plan for driving a stake in the ground around your avatar that will bring in better paying clients who will LOVE what you have to offer
  • Guide you to avoid the most serious pitfall most new coaches make in trying to “serve everyone”

Module 1: The Coach’s Hat

The Coach’s Hat is our bedrock principle that will shatter your conceptions about what you need to know in order to get started changing lives through Elite Life Coaching. We’ll blast through what coaching is, and what it ain’t – so you can maximize your time doing what you love to do – helping people achieve their big dreams and experience more success in life.


Module 2: A Coach’s Value

Discover the reason most coaches fail before they even get started. Coaching is not consulting and you need to understand the difference between the two so you can harness the true power of a question based approach to coach anyone, anywhere – regardless of whether or not you understand the ins and outs of their industry, problems or needs.


Module 3: The Scientific Coaching Method

In 2010, I re-engineered The Scientific Coaching Method at a our Coach Mindset LIVE! Students paid up to $5,000 to attend this seminar and I promised that I would drop a bombshell revelation during the second day of the course that would revolutionize their coaching methods.

It was, hands down, some of the most revolutionary advanced training on life coaching ever delivered. Students of the Scientific Coaching Method literally double or triple their hourly coaching rate just by knowing these revolutionary secrets that unlock the power of question asking as a BETTER substitute for the half-coaching-half-consulting garbage normally regurgitated in coaching certifications all over the world.

In module 3, I’ll teach you The Scientific Coaching Method, which will free you up from stuffy theory and the burden of esoteric coaching models that ask you to pound a square pegged client into a circular hole. The principle is so darned simple it will absolutely amaze you.

We’ll get our hands dirty too. In Module 3 you’re going to implement the coaching strategies we just learned through The Scientific Method. You’ll work with a self selected partner (or you’ll have a client by this time) and actually walk through the coaching principles and strategies, refining your questions and your usage as we progress until you’re extremely confident.

Our systems for feedback will allow you to receive one on one or group coaching from me and my team on exactly how your coaching is taking off, and you’ll receive no-holds-barred feedback on what you can do right away to make yourself a better coach.


Module 4: Acceleration Tools

This is where we go all out and crush the competition. No other coaching certification equips you with deep, versatile and powerful tools like The Coach Mindset. You’ll master each of the tools below to blow your clients away and have them begging for more of your coaching!

The 100 List and 2 Lists – Two deceptively simple tools that maximize time by going under the radar with your clients to uncover what they love, what they don’t and how to help them make the shift from their current situation to their ideal life picture.

The Interview ™ – An incredibly powerful outcome visioning tool that will get your clients painting a picture of exactly where they want to go 5 years from now – which allows you to help them build a roadmap from point A to point B. This never before sold tool is a Coach Mindset exclusive – licensed to you to use with your clients as a graduate of our program.

Balance and The 80/20 Shift ™ – A thorough look at the 80/20 principle – how to maximize effectiveness with your clients and ensure that they have the tools to get the right things done. This tool will allow you to help clients break through the “busy” problem and focus their efforts on activities that move them toward their ideal life.

8 Months in 8 Days – Here’s an inside peek into the nitty gritty details of starting up a highly profitable coaching  practice. Contracts, Maximizing Your Wrap Up (for referrals), Proposals, Complimentary Calls, Tracking Your Clients and The 5 Essential Tools.

  • Contracts
  • Maximizing your Wrap up (for referrals)
  • Proposals
  • Complimentary Calls
  • Tracking your Clients
  • The 5 Essential tools.

This stuff took us at least 8 months to figure out when we started coaching. You’re getting it in 8 easy to digest bits.


Order today, completely risk free. We’re so completely convinced that you will love our training, that we’ll give you a full 30 days to try out our system. In the end, if it’s not for you, just shoot us an email. No hassles. No hoops, and no hard feelings.



Module 5: Coaching Business Formula

This is where we really start to rip it up. No other certification in the world is teaching this stuff at this level. Guaranteed. The goal in this module is to make sure that you’re just as prepared to start a BUSINESS as you are to COACH. Way too many coaches get certified in coaching theory but then they are left by the side of the road begging for scraps of business. Not us. We’re going to cover:

  • Promo Tools – A virtual tour and instruction manual on how to manage blogs, biz cards, networking meetings and other events- all with the goal of jump starting your practice to make you money NOW.
  • The Silver Bullet 201 – Taking your avatar and niche selection to the next level for hyper effective sales messaging.
  • The Branding Black Box – The four basic things to focus on and invest in that will stand the test of time, regardless of whether or not any one tactic works, the Black Box will survive the ups and downs.

And what do GRADUATES of The Coach
Mindset ONLINE have to say?
“Your decision to include the business end up front was the main reason I signed up. No one has this available. My experience is that most coaches can not help you with how to do it either. Only thing close is the ***** ******** guys, but they use *****’s business model to funnels THEM clients through their events (name recognition). Even many of them are not really clear on what to do business-wise either. You are cutting edge and I am loving it!”
Clay - Life coach of 10 years
“I’m glad I invested in the Coach Mindset because my confidence is greater, my passion is deeper and I’ve had tremendous coaching talent to draw from.  Anyone who takes this course seriously will have no excuse to fail.”
Sarah - Compassion Coach
“Mitch Matthews is not only knowledgeable about the life coaching industry, but he offers cutting-edge strategies that make all the difference.  Plus, he has a genuine approach and cares deeply about those who want help others get un-stuck!”
Heather Doidge - Life Coach
If That’s Not Enough, How about What
these Graduates are Saying?
” This is amazing. As an educator for many, many … yes, many … years, I am impressed with the “scope and sequence” of this course – the depth and breadth of the core information and principles & the progression of ideas and skills. The instructional design demonstrates sound online curriculum development and application of adult learning theory. I can say this because one of my areas of expertise is online teaching and learning.”
Cheri Toledo - PhD
“I keep my family/career balance by setting my own pace. There is no pressure to meet deadlines other than those I impose upon myself! I can go deep on topics or revisit ideas that have formed during the modules because they build on each other. The experience and quality of the topics that Mitch and David present, coupled with the freedom to customize it to my own life, have given me a HUGE return on my investment!”
Susi Mann
” For me, one of the most valuable things I learned from this training was the concept that people have an ‘Intellectual Immune System™.’ What that means is that I need to help my clients to generate the answers to overcoming their challenges from inside themselves instead of forcing my answers and suggestions upon them.  That has made a significant difference for me in my coaching practice.”
Elizabeth Saunders - Speaker, Author and Coach


Elite Life Coach Certification

The truth is, certifications mean very little in the coaching world. There is no governing body that determines standards for coaches, and no centralized body that determines when a coach is ready to coach (not that some organizations aren’t trying – ’cause the are). When you get done with The Coach Mindset – you will be ready to coach. That’s the most important part. But in addition, you’ll know how to start a coaching business, and again, this is where most certifications fall flat. But if a document saying you’re certified is important to you, don’t worry – we’ve got that covered too. Upon completion of an exit exam, you’ll receive a frame quality certificate to hang in your office.


Our 30 Day, No Hassle - 100% Money Back Guarantee

Register for our course today. If, after 30 days from your start date with “Finding your Avatar” you’re not convinced that this is hands down, the best possible course for you, simply email me and cancel. Your registration fee will be promptly refunded. No hassles, no hard feelings. You have absolutely nothing to lose. We’re taking ALL the risk!


So what are you waiting for? With your registration today you get all of this!

  • The Coach’s Hat – What you need to know, and what you DON’T!
  • A Coach’s Value – The fine line between coaching and consulting that will save you from numerous pitfalls with clients
  • The Scientific Coaching Method – A full blown science based model – our unique approach to coaching that will have you up and running in no time
  • Acceleration Tools – Ready made, cut and paste tools you can use to begin delivering client breakthroughs – today.
  • The Coaching Business Formula – to take your business to the next level by actually GETTING CLIENTS, and getting them fast
  • Elite Life Coach Certification
  • BONUS: The Speaker Mindset $470 (Free with your order today)


Bonus Module: The Speaker Mindset

“Speaking to promote your coaching practice and grow your business!”

This speakers training is specifically designed for coaches.

In it, I pour many of the secrets that I’ve learned from my last 20 years of speaking and facilitating!

More importantly, I will teach you the very things that will help you to maximize any speaking opportunity whether it’s 3 minutes or 3 hours!

In this bonus module, we will cover:

  • Strategies for building a rockin’ talk faster than you ever thought possible (even if you feel stuck!)
  • Strategies to maximize the connections you make while you’re speaking so you can dramatically grow your business whether you get paid to speak or not
  • Strategies for dramatically increasing the impact of your stories and illustrations as well as increasing the chance that your audience will remember and help you spread your message
  • Strategies for overcoming any fear of speaking… including one specific secret that has allowed introverts to not only survive but thrive in speaking situations!

We’ll also include unique and quick tips to get you up and running FAST:

  • Don’t miss the Introduction (a little secret that very few speakers understand that will set your talk up for success!)
  • Business cards and games to play (exponentially increase the chances for new clients by playing this simple game!)
  • Don’t assume they don’t like you (break through the fear that shuts down most speakers!)


Register Today!



Program Creator: Mitch Matthews

Mitch Matthews is uniquely qualified to develop and facilitate this elite business coach certification.

He has a personal goal of helping to launch one million dreams.

One on one, Mitch coaches individuals.  He has been certified as a life and business coach since 2002 and has personally coached hundreds of individuals.

He’s worked with his “coaching allies” on finding their “sweet spot” in business and in life. He’s also helped them to uncover and unleash countless dreams!

Coaching isn’t a job for Mitch, it’s a passion. And he loves training other people that feel the same way!

Due to his innovative approach to coaching, he was asked to sit on the Franklin Covey Companies Innovation Advisory Board for Coaching.

Mitch also works with organizations to help them to dream bigger and achieve more and he’s been doing it since he was 20 years old.   He has created and facilitated training for larger organizations like Johnson & Johnson, NASA, Merck, Ortho McNeil and Principal Financial but he also loves to work with mid-sized, smaller and start-up companies.

Mitch has been training and certifying Elite Life Coaches since 2008.  He brings his valuable understanding of life and business coaching, leadership and training, his passion for launching dreams, and his dynamic facilitation approach to deliver this important and life-changing program.

Mitch also has a love for asking questions. This love has helped him to thrive as a coach but it has also led him to develop a question-based game series called “Q.” The games have been sold throughout the world. To find out more… you can check out

He’s also used questions and creativity to launch This site and these special events have helped 1000’s of people to reawaken… reignite… and launch their dreams.

He also spends time speaking to organizations around the country.

With everything that he has going on… Mitch admits that he is a recovering perfectionist, a recovering workaholic and he’s in recovery from an urgency addiction. It’s something he has to work on daily! (Can you identify?)

Lastly, Mitch’s favorite and most important adventure is with his family. Mitch and his wife Melissa have two boys that they are very proud of!

Program Strategist: David Nadler

David Nadler is an entrepreneur and a coach.  In fact, he’s the entrepreneur’s coach.

As an entrepreneur he has run his own sign design and fabrication company where he worked with city managers, small business owners and corporate accounts.  In media, he has run a top 100-market radio station working with a board of directors and a specialized staff.  And now, he is the owner of two cognitive skills training centers where new science is making cutting edge movement in brain training.

In 2008, he went through The Coach Mindset Coach Certification and within weeks of completion launched his own successful coaching practice where he started to coach entrepreneurs to attain new levels of efficiency, productivity and fulfillment within their business goals and their core desires.


David is tech savvy and his strategies are practical, comprehensive, and no-nonsense applications for business and personal success. He fiercely believes that businesses should work FOR you, and he is dedicated to excellence and effectiveness in the workplace.


He has managed staffs from 8 to 21 in number and has a unique approach to motivating his own people. This experience has allowed him to bridge the territory between entrepreneur, manager, and technician. Plus, he understands the multiple generations of thought existing in the workplace, and this can be a real asset for team building, productivity, and efficiency.


In 2009, David and Mitch started to work together to take The Coach Mindset to new levels.


David and Mitch’s skills are different but complimentary and this has allowed for the certification to evolve, expand and improve by reaching new audiences and by involving new technologies.


On a personal level, David married his high school crush and has been married for over 11 years.  He and his wife have 4 young boys and truly enjoy their Midwest life together.